Carneys Point



Carneys Point is a township in New Jersey.

Carneys Point is located in Salem County, NJ.   Many people from Valle San Giovanni emigrated to this lovely township.

Carneys Point is famous for being the home of the legendary actors Bruce Willis and John Forsythe.  The comedian W. C. Fields spent time in the area before his legendary movie star status took him to far away California.  A local dining establishment, the Roman Pantry, is known as the place where Bruce Willis returns whenever he makes it home to “The Grove” (as it is called by the locals).

Located next to Carneys Point is the Borough of Penns Grove. Many people from Italy, especially the small village of Valle San Giovanni, emigrated to Penns Grove, NJ in the early 1900’s. Some of the immigrants arrived from Amatricia bringing a famous pasta dish with them. In the summer months festivities included meals featuring porchetta, fettucine, polpettine, and scrippelle.

There are several groups for this town, one on Facebook and the other on WordPress, which have become increasingly popular in recent years.